Saxons Chain Mail Reaction – Hicky to Tringy S1 E6

Episode 6 of our 2022/23 season’s weekly ‘Saxons Chain Mail Reaction’ interview.

‘Saxons Chain Mail Reaction’ S1 E6 – Hicks has dialogue with DaveT……………….

  • What is your name?
DT: Dave Tringham
  • What’s your real job?
DT: Run an electrical and heating business – Trinergy Ltd.
  • Where were you Born?
DT: Chester
  • Apart from Saxons, what other team do you support?
DT: The mighty Liverpool of course 😃
  • What is your position at the club & associated team?
DT: Manager of U7s Cwens and assistant coach at U9s Cwens
  • Do you have a favourite volunteer at the Club?
DT: Nope
  • What inspired you to become a football coach?
DT: Helping my daughter to improve, then the opportunity to watch her team develop and going from there. Also I missed out playing when younger due to work so it’s great to get involved again on a coaching level.
  • What pleases you most about coaching football?
DT: Seeing the development of the players, it’s addictive. It’s great to see where improvements can be made and then enjoying it come to fruition, it’s constant learning and enjoyable planning training sessions too based on where improvements can be made.
  • Do you have a favourite player in your team?
DT: They’re a great bunch of girls in both teams, couldn’t pick one over the other……….No waaaaay
  • Apart from Chris Hicks who is your biggest idol in football?
DT: 🤣🤣  It has to be Jurgen Klopp, the guy is phenomenal with what he’s done at Liverpool!
  • If you had to choose between coaching your girls on a Saturday or watching your beloved Liverpool what would you do ?
DT: Ooooooh that’s a tough one, but I’ve gotta go with coaching the girls, I can always watch the highlights of Liverpool games, can’t do that with the girls footy ⚽
  • What is your biggest achievement as a coach in the past 12 months.
DT: I’d probably say being part of the U9 girls reaching the final in the Airbus tournament in the summer, they played unbelievable. It was very emotional, that’ll stay with me for a long time, it even made Chris Hicks cry like a baby 😭. Also seeing how much the girls are progressing in both teams and proud to be part of that👌
  • Tringham’s bar or the Evenwood pub?
DT: Ohhhhhhhh Tringham Arms, it’s cheaper and the Mrs serves better food 🤣
  • If you could be anyone for a day who would it be and why ?
DT: Jurgen Klopp on a Matchday playing at home, to be able to manage Liverpool for the day, WOW!
  • Apart from wanting to be the second best coach at Saxons what other ambitions do you have?
DT: Who’s first, surely not Chris Hicks 🤣……….? I’d like to get my UEFA C licence, get a win over some rivals and push the girls to be as good as they can be.
  • If you could change anything at all levels in football what would it be?
DT: Errrrrr stop the clock whenever the ball goes out of play to stop time wasting, so the whistle blows on the match time given
  • What would you do if you had a time machine?
DT: See how the Pyramids were built
  • Red or Brown sauce?
DT: Gotta be red
  • Who are you going to interview next week to keep the Saxons Chain Mail Reaction going?
DT: Next week I’ll put Mike Loughran in the hot-seat 💺

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