Club Philosophy

Runcorn Saxons Football Club Philosophy

Magis Quam A Clava - More than a Club
The overall objective of the club philosophy is to develop junior football players using a set of values that we have identified to fit with the DNA of Runcorn Saxons FC.

Within this philosophy there are five key areas that are aligned to our values and accompanied by a coaching curriculum that support and define the culture expected at our club.

Formula to support our strategy:

Football development = value implementation + education + competitive environments.

Who We Are

  • Commitment to our values is greater than winning.
  • We collectively enjoy success and reflect on perceived failure.
  • We maintain the highest standards on and off the field at all times.
  • As a club we will provide football for all regardless of age, gender, ability or disability.
  • We will support all coaches and players throughout their individual development.

How We Represent

  • We want to be renowned for the behaviour of our players off the field as much as our playing style on it.
  • We show respect to everyone and everything associated with Runcorn Saxons FC, all officials and all opponents.
  • We give our absolute maximum effort every time we represent the club.

Our Values & How We Play

Our playing style is what defines all of our teams. We will approach every fixture using the following principles of play:

  • Being creative in all of our offensive play.
  • Seek to be offensive in all game phases.
  • Try to be combinative in possession.
  • We play with intensity.

To enable all of our teams the greatest opportunity to demonstrate our principles of play we must follow the guidelines set out below:

  • Take pride in your preparation.
  • Try to be better than the opponents in sportsmanship.
  • Try to play better football than our opponent.
  • And last but not least, try to put a WIN on the scoreboard.

How We Coach

We identify a sporting curriculum that we feel will benefit all of our teams, players and coaches through the season. All sessions must be planned and documented. All coaches will be encouraged to seek CPD opportunities to ensure we and they remain connected to their development at all times.

The fundamentals of all of our sessions are as follows:runcorn-saxons-junior-football-club-philosophy-to-coach-2

  • The boys/girls must learn the basic concepts of football.
  • Assimilate a specific physical preparation.
  • Acquire a sufficient technical level.
  • Learn to develop their talent in the context of a playing style.
  • And all the above while having FUN, FUN, FUN.

Additional to the fundamentals ALL coaches should look to follow the tactical guidelines below:

  • Use our basic system for each age group & playing format.
  • Also learn different systems fluidly.
  • The most important thing is NOT the playing system.
  • The most important thing IS the playing style.

We are committed to giving our players the right ‘footballing’ toolset:  

Every Runcorn Saxons FC training session will include work on the 3 main blocks below and partly the 4th:

1) Ball Striking

2) Ball Familiarisation

3) Duels – 1v1 2v2

4) Overloads / Underloads practices

Within these blocks our coaches underpin with different topic focusses and elements but always ensure they tick the 3 first blocks for the outcomes that we want.


We are committed to providing our players with the tools to be:

  • DOMINENT in 1v1s
  • Be HARD TO BEAT in 1v1s
  • Be confident to press and be AGGRESSIVE when out of possession
  • Be able to PASS the ball / STRIKE the ball and be confident in doing so from BOTH feet
  • Give players the confidence to STAY on the ball, be CREATIVE and SKILLFUL

As coaches we will look to use the following guidelines when delivering sessions

Download our Club Philosophy

You can download a version of our club philosophy below, please visit our Downloads page for a complete list of the information available to download. Click the image below to View, Download, or Print the document:


How We Support

  • Training youngsters to be good people.
  • Providing good role models.
  • Instilling healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Helping them to be happy with life they have chosen.
  • Approaching schoolwork in a responsible way.
  • Making them good footballers.