Kids Football – Reception & Year 1

THE FOUNDATION is a soccer school for both Boys & Girls ages  4-6 (Reception & Year Ones), with pathway into NEW U7s Runcorn Saxons teams when moving into school Year 2.


Every Sunday 10:00am-11:00am – on grass @ The Heath Park, Runcorn 

THE FOUNDATION – Is ‘Not-For-Profit‘ and is subsidised by Runcorn Saxons FC. We have very limited session places available, please book as not to disappoint.

About Our Sessions

Our aim is to introduce beginners at foundation stage (Ages 4-6 – Reception & Year 1’s) to the beautiful game in a fun but structured environment using a set of values that fit with the FA’s guidelines on the Play Phase, our Club Philosophy and the DNA of Runcorn Saxons FC.

The Foundation is a fun football academy providing an introduction to skills and game understanding with a potential pathway into Runcorn Saxons FC teams.

Total beginners welcome but you do need to book a place first (see below) – come and watch your child improve their overall agility, balance, coordination and footballing skills and grow in social confidence in a matter of weeks.


Complete this form to register your child BOOK A PLACE

THE FOUNDATION Sessions are focussed on developing players 5 core area’s:

1) ‘Play Phase’ & ABC Development

2) Ball Striking

3) Ball Familiarisation/Manipulation 

4) Duels 1v1 2v2 3v3

5) Basic Game Understanding

Runcorn Saxons FC  create both Boys and Girls U7s teams every season, playing in top FA England Accredited junior football leagues.

Concentrating on teaching the FUNdamental ABC’s (Agility, Balance, Co-ordination and Speed) we manage the difference between ability, develop ball mastery skills, and encourage your little Messi or Lauren Hemp to express themselves in Small Sided Games (SSGs) where our mini Saxons get to experience lots touches of the ball and try out their tricks in Duels vs other players.

Is its pure “Football Training” or is it “Play Phase” development” which incorporates football? Well it’s a blend of the two e.g. your child won’t be able to execute passing drills if they don’t have the Agility, Balance or Co-ordination required to master the technique of passing a football. We develop their ABCs so they have the tools to master the technique

Although THE FOUNDATION acts as an introduction to football, it is about so much more. Our approach is geared towards creating a new generation of sport lovers as well as future Runcorn Saxons FC footballers.

THE FOUNDATION‘S – Play Phase is a mission to help children…..

  • Gain Confidence
  • Develop a positive sense of self
  • Create strong relationships
  • Understand their own emotions and how to regulate them
  • Become critical thinkers & problem solvers
  • Develop better control over their mind & body
  • Work out how to achieve goals

Peer Relationships

During The Foundation’s Play phase a child’s relationships with other children becomes increasingly important during this stage as they begin to develop social skills and learn to interact with others. Positive peer relationships promotes social development and emotional wellbeing.

Physical Development

You child will be starting to develop their fundamental motor / movement skills. With this in mind we introduce ABCs

This refers to three ABCs of fundamental movement skills –  Agility, Balance and Co-ordination:

  • Agility is the ability to change direction, at speed and under control of your own body.
  • Balance is the ability to stay upright and in control of body movements.
  • Co-ordination is the ability to move two or more body parts under control smoothly and efficiently.
  • s is for speed

All of our sessions are delivered by DBS certified and FA qualified coaches, with experience of developing and delivering tailored programmes for this foundation age group.

Pricing: First session is FREE. Due to limited places for 2024 our players will sign up in session blocks to secure a place @£4 per session. The Development Team will contact you to make payment after you have registered your childs place. Places will not be secured until payment has been received. 

Contact us for more information


WhatsApp: 07903950318


Club Information

  • We are affiliated to Liverpool County FA.
  • We are a club run by dedicated volunteers.
  • We run both Football and Futsal sessions.
  • We are an FA England Accredited club.
  • We operate both boys & girls youth football teams.
  • Our teams train 2 hours per week to aid development.
  • We play in maroon and white hooped shirts, maroon shorts and maroon and white socks.
  • We are self-financing through our member subscriptions and internal fundraising.
  • We run to our county FA requirements for best practice in training and development along with child welfare and community involvement.
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