Staying Safe Online

With lockdown restrictions still in place, our kids (and parents!) will continue to spend more time online and for how long we just don’t know. Whether it’s for Saxon’s team meets, school work, connecting with friends or playing games, we need to ensure our kids are safe online.
The best way to help keep our children safe online during lockdown is to continue having conversations around online safety, regularly check phone and app settings together, and manage their time online.
It’s also a challenging time. If you’re usual rules and routines around online safety have stopped or changed or maybe you didn’t have any in place (?), then be kind to yourself and think why?
It might be that they just don’t work during lockdown. Remember that it’s OK to adapt and make the right changes for your family.
Have a look at our PDF covering the basics of keeping our kids safe online.
Download Staying Safe Online PDF
Hope this helps!
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